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The Importance of 3 Way Conference Calls


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The Importance of 3 Way Conference Calls
Crucial Step For Serious Duplication!

The Importance of 3Way Conference Calls

If you are new to direct sales or network marketing, we strongly recommend you do 3way calls (also known as “conference calls”) with your sponsor and/or upline.  If you want to make significant money in network marketing, doing 3ways is mandatory.  Before explaining why, let’s first cover what a “3way” is:  this is a call where you dial both your sponsor and a prospect, so all 3 of you are on the line together.  We’ll go through the mechanics of actually making the call, and then we’ll discuss the reasons for doing so.

Whether you know it or not, with just about any phone today, landline or cell, you can be on the phone with one person and put them on hold to dial another, and then join both calls together.  It doesn’t matter who initiated the original call:  both people on the line may put the other on hold and connect a third.  (If both people do that, you’d then have 2 more people joining the original 2, creating a 4way.)

The most important purpose of this document is to discuss the reasons for conducting 3ways.  Here they are:

  1. In our business, what’s a person’s #1 fear? That’s right, dialing the fone, because they are worried about not knowing what to say, not being able to answer questions, and numerous other fears of the unknown.  The 3way eliminates ALL of that fear.
  2. In this business, “duplication isn’t taught, it’s caught.”  IOW (in other words), don’t do as I say, do as I do.  If we dial the phone together, you’ll build your business while you learn it.  You’ll catch what to say, just like you memorize the words to a song on the radio after hearing it 10 times.  And more importantly, you’ll see me dialing the phone and learn right away, that’s what we do.
  3. We don’t want you to figure out how to explain the business by failing to do it correctly! If you have someone on the phone with you who already has enrolled several reps, then you can be confident that person will be able to explain the business effectively and handle any questions.
  4. Via a 3way call, your prospect sees how our 3-Step Plan works, so they’ll understand that they’ll have hands-on support if they enroll with us (with a TEAM behind them), and they won’t have to worry about knowing all the answers.
  5. Also, your prospects’ belief level in Nature’s Pearl will skyrocket when they hear it from a second person, especially someone they don’t know.  It’s just human nature that people listen better when they’re talking to someone they haven’t heard before.  People pay attention to content MUCH more when they hear it from someone they don’t know.
  6. A 3way is usually the fastest way to get your prospect to hear a fantastic success story!
  7. And most importantly, if you listen to an experienced rep fielding questions and objections several times, then you’ll quickly memorize all the answers and be on track to duplicate the system.  It’s like listening to a song on the radio:  after you hear it 5 to 10 times, you’ve got it memorized.

Even if your prospect is your best friend who says, “If you’re joining Nature’s Pearl, then I’M joining Nature’s Pearl,” you still need to do a 3way!  Then your new rep can meet the upline, know with proof there’s a team and a system in place, and whether they admit it or not (or whether they know it or not), they’ll have more confidence as they build their own organization.

There’s a lot of psychology here, but the bottom line is that “you’re never a prophet in your own back yard,” as the saying goes.

How do I know when someone is working?  THEY’RE CALLING ME ASKING FOR TIMES TO DO 3WAYS!

The biggest objection to conducting 3way calls comes from reps worrying that they’ll offend their contacts by ambushing them with a 3way.  If you follow our script, this “ambush” never happens, because we always excuse the time (making sure the prospect has time to talk), then announce that the call is about business, and then introduce the “business partner.”  It’s simply logical to have a partner on to explain a new business.

In two decades of making 3ways, I’ve only had 3 or 4 instances where a person wouldn’t talk to me because of the 3way.  Granted, some people are surprised by it, but after you dive into the reason for the call, the objection to the 3way quickly evaporates and is replaced by curiosity and interest in what you have to say.

I get this question all the time, in a little meeker tone:  “Shouldn’t I call my contact first to alert them that I’m going to ambush them?”  The answer is “NO!”  If you ask someone for permission to do a 3way, the answer will almost always be “no.”  That’s automatic.  Whereas, if you just dial them, they’ll survive – actually they’ll benefit – and then the duplication process works.  Again, in my 20 years of making 3ways, it’s never been a problem for me to initiate a 3way with a friend without permission.  But it’s ALWAYS a problem when a rep calls contacts prior to the 3way.  The sequence of events for 3ways:  ALWAYS book the time with your upline, then call the prospect together.

Here’s the truth:  in your mind, if you believe you have something that will benefit people, you’ll dial them without hesitation, without any inhibition; if you are calling friends just to “get them to buy something,” then you won’t want to call them and the process isn’t fun.  People who truly understand our business model are ready to tackle people and hold them down to make them hear about Nature’s Pearl.

ALL super-successful reps in the network marketing industry use 3ways to help new reps build their belief and to demo the 3-Step System.  Anytime we see someone NOT doing 3ways, we know that rep is not growing a substantial business and is squandering a huge resource.

The same mentality about 3ways exists when you have the chance to get your downline in front of the top leaders of the company:  live meetings or conferences give new reps a chance to build their belief level by hearing success stories from other people.  So set a time with your sponsor or upline to make lots of calls!  Then duplicate that with the people you recruit.

Two things to note before going through the process below:

  1. Don’t figure out the 3way process by dialing a prospect!  Practice it with your sponsor, upline, spouse, or friend BEFORE dialing any prospects.  It will only take you a few minutes to figure out 3way calling and master it, but you could lose a prospect’s business if you’re unprepared when calling them.
  2. If you can’t seem to make a 3way, call your phone company (cell provider or landline) and ask them if you have 3way conference calling ability.  From my own experience, every cell company now includes 3way capability.  You just have to read the owner’s manual to figure out how to use it, or call your cell provider.  And almost 100% of the time these days 3way calling is included with your landline phone service, or it’s easily added with the push of a button and a very nominal fee (like $2.95/month).


  1. Click the “flash” button, or just press the “receiver” down and let it up quickly.  When you do this, you should get a dial tone.
  2. Dial the number of the second person you want to 3way.  This is no different than dialing anyone as you normally do.
  3. Press the flash button again to join both calls.  On some cell and “VOIP” phones, you must wait for the second person to answer before you can connect them to the other person you were on with first.

Note:  if someone dials you while you are on another call, you are usually unable to join them with your first call.  Unless you have a special phone, you must initiate the second call in order to create a 3way.  (Some new cell phones, however, now give you the ability to link any 2 calls, regardless of who called whom.)

There are numerous online resources to help you with understanding and setting up 3way conference calling.  The first thing to do is go to your cell phone user’s manual and look up how to do a 3way (it’s almost always in the section “Making a call”).  If you can’t find your paper manual, go get the PDF of it online and download it to your computer.  (I always use the PDF anyway, because it’s faster to have the computer search the text than flip thru pages.)

Here are just a few big providers’ pages on 3way calling:

Set your mindset BEFORE you dial the phone, then smile and dial until your income is what you want it to be!

Happy Dialing!

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