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Darlema was in an auto accident and injured her spine.  She had spine procedures and nerve ablations for the past 18 months.  The nerve medication caused her kidneys to hurt.  This past May 2013, her pain and leg swelling intensified to the point of severe difficulty standing, sitting, & lying down.  While attending Emilie’s first meeting, she took one Energy Shot, and in 15 minutes her legs stopped throbbing with pain.  At the end of the meeting she took 2 capsules and was able to stand up without excruciating foot-knee-hip pain.  Within two weeks of taking the capsules, her kidney pain stopped, and the swelling in feet-legs-abdomen-hands subsided.  After 4 weeks, she was able to get through daily activities until she skipped 4 days and all inflammatory symptoms returned.  Now, she does not forget!

Darlema B,   NJ    April 2013

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