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NP Training System
The Biggest Cause In Network Marketing History!

Inviting Training

Step 1 & 2 & 3 of the Inviting Process

Phone Etiquette:  Excuse The Time
Before diving into our script, it’s important to review common courtesy that should always be used when calling someone.  The very first thing you want to do is excuse the time.  The first thing I ALWAYS do is ask, “Is this a good time?” or “Do you have a minute?” or something that shows respect for their time.  It’s common courtesy to think about the other person.

The worst thing you can do is launch into a description of the business and get interrupted two sentences into it by the prospect saying they don’t have time to hear it right now, and then have them dodging your calls for the next month.  If someone is at work and has 10 people waiting for them to do something, or they’re at home with 2 kids in their arms, and you call up and launch into your agenda without considering theirs, the call is going to end badly, so prevent that from happening!

“Open To Close” Menu
5 Steps To Making The Sale:

  1. Create interest (sift), using the script below; master the short script:  practice, practice, practice!
  2. Invite to watch the 2-min. Fox-TV video, using the script below, then to watch a webcast
  3. Email followup (videos & the site)
  4. Do 3way followup call (answer questions and handle objections)
  5. Enroll (ask closing questions), or get referrals or ask for a product sale


  • 50 prospects thru the 5 steps = 5 enrollments.
  • “thru the 5 steps” = thru ALL 5 steps.
  • 100 contacts may =  50 to go thru all 5 steps.
  • The better you are at creating interest, the more people you’ll put thru the 5 steps.

Now you can simply tell your upline/3way person what step your prospect is on (1-5 above)!

Step 1:  Create interest (sift)
“Guaranteed To Go Well” Prospecting Script!
6 words:  “Are you open to new business?”

  • It’s that simple. 6 words and then shutup and listen.
  • Don’t add anything before or after.
  • It’s 6 words, not 10, not 7.
  • It’s not, “Are you open to A new business?”
  • It’s not, “I was wondering if you would be open to new business?”
  • It’s not, “Are you open to new business, because I just got involved in …?”

Wait for them to answer! (Force them to.)  If the answer is no, that’s the end of the call.

If the answer is yes, then what just happened?  They gave you permission to tell them what you’ve got!

Many times, you’ll get a variation of “yes,” and at that point you have make a decision about whether it’s enough of a yes.

“It depends on what it is.”
No it doesn’t – either you’re open or you’re not.  Open means you have time and desire for a new business, and that you’ll investigate it.  Obviously, no one is open to a business that wastes time.

Sometimes people want to have their cake and eat it too:
“No, I’m WAY too busy, but what are you doing?”  Again, you have to decide what you’ll do here.

I’ve got a tree that grows $1000 bills – are you sure you don’t want to hear about it?

Don’t Give It Away, TAKE It Away!

Step 2:  Invite to watch the 2-min. Fox-TV video
After you get a yes, the script is short & sweet.

Send them to the 2-minute Fox-TV news video using these 7 sentences:

  1. I just found out about a company with a HUGE breakthrough in the health department.
  2. No one has heard of this yet, but it was featured on a local Fox-TV news show recently.
  3. You have to check it out – it’s a 2-minute video clip online at, under the “Videos” section.  (Or if you’re using the NP App, say you’ll email the 2-minute video clip to them.)
  4. After you see it, your first thought will be, “Why haven’t I heard about this before now?”
  5. Very soon, everyone in America will know this company’s name …
  6. What email address should I send the video to?
  7. Watch that and then call me back!
  8. When should I talk with you next?  [Set a specific time!]

Always set a followup time with them to call them back!

Notice we don’t give the name of the company, or get into any other product details – if you do that, people can google right then and undercut the need to see an email.  If they ask what the name of the company is, you can make the mistake of telling them, and you can sit there answering 20 other questions for 30 minutes, or even do a whole presentation for them over the phone.  But that’s not good use of your time and it’s not duplicatable.  You want to take 60 seconds and then get off the phone!

When prospects start asking you questions, instead of answering them, you can cut them off by saying, “That’s a great question, and you’ll think of 10 more right away, but everything is explained in the video – it’s only 2 minutes long! – and I have another appointment now.  After you watch the video, read my followup email and then we’ll talk again – when do you want to talk again?  Is 7pm tomorrow good?“  When you send them the email from the NP App, that’s VERY duplicatable and it maximizes your time.  And then you also send them a followup email with the clinical studies and a business overview (step 3 below).  That way, they’re getting the info from YOU, not from Google!

You want to be aggressive and assertive and sound like you’ve already called a thousand other people about this, that you’re already making $20K/month and you’re calling to do them a favor because you know what they’re going thru, but it doesn’t matter to you if they do this or not.  “This is going to happen with or without you or me; this is 100 times bigger than anything I’ve ever seen; it doesn’t matter to me if you do this or not, but I don’t want you mad at me a year from now, saying that I didn’t do my job in telling you how big this would become!“  OK? :)

PRACTICE your script dozens of times, until you can say those 8 lines above without reading them!

Step 3:  Send a followup/reminder email
Now that you’ve invited them, send them a followup email .
Copy the email your sponsor sent you, or make your own!  Don’t make it elaborate, but make it quick.

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