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Getting Started NOW Preparation!

NP World Class Training System

The Biggest Cause In Network Marketing History!

Welcome to Nature’s Pearl and Youngevity Int’l!

The NEW BEGINNING we’ve been waiting for, Youngevity Int’l, (YGY) is in the final stage of purchasing Natures Pearl and as of September 1st we are a stand alone company under their corporate umbrella!  Very EXCITING as YGY is a very progressive public held company and we are positioned perfectly for massive growth as we will now have a more aggressive marketing system and websites to support us!

We’re VERY serious about helping you reach your goals.  If you’re ready to commit and work hard, we’re ready to run as fast as you do!  Go quickly through the setup steps below, so you can start taking action on building a huge network, using the “Gold Fast Track” section at the bottom of this.  Call Joe Blanton anytime for 3way calls or with your questions:  469-766-5511   Two things to do Right now,  1. add your email address to the “Follow Team Freedom” space on the right of the page, (so you are notified of all Updates to this site immediately, and 2.  Save this site,  in your favorite places for future use!

Partner Checklist:    4 Steps To Permanent Income!

In network marketing, there have always been 4 steps to building a network and making money from it.  They used to be: 1) Inviting, 2) Presenting, 3) Sponsoring, and 4) Training.

The GOAL is to get as many people to watch the NP Promotional Video as soon as Possible,  Here is how to get the link to send them directly to the video on YOUR NP Personal website:  Go to your website, user name)    See your name in the upper right corner, then click on the arrow on the first flash picture, to bring up the NP promotional video.  Do not play it, instead, put your mouse cursor over the website address in the address bar, and left click one time.  this will turn the whole address blue.  Then right click over the blue, and select copy.  This is the IP address that you can past into an email or type into a text, that will take your prospect directly to the NP promotional video on YOUR NP website!


IS our proven success system at Nature’s Pearl for Contacting your friends, family and prospects to give them a gift is much simpler, and user friendly than calling them up to get them information on what your new business or products.  Inviting, to give them a gift is the main focus now!  Then learning to 3 way them in to the team is the real KEY to success!   The other 3 steps are mostly handled online:  Presenting is done with online videos, the Sponsoring process is a user-friendly, 3-minute online enrollment, and Training is right here, in a self-explanatory, easy-to-follow layout.

We do have 4 preparatory steps before diving into Inviting mode.  Make sure you’re connected and thoroughly prepared by checking off everything in the New Rep Checklist here:

  1. Get Connected
  2. Review Welcome & Comp. Plan Videos
  3. Get Ready To Work
  4. Learn How To Invite

The first 3 steps are below, and the link to #4 is at the bottom.  The fourth step, Inviting, needs a page of its own.

After going through these 4 steps, all you have to do is invite!


  1. Note your NP rep website address:
  2. Store your NP Distributor ID# and your password in your cell (and elsewhere).
  3. Store the NP cust. service # (336.998.2386) in your cell.
  4. Send to NP Corp. the Direct Deposit and W-9 Forms.  The bank direct deposit requires sending a voided check with your name on the check, or if you are operating under a company name/EIN, then the voided check must have the company name on it also.
  5. Install the Nature’s Pearl Mobile App on your iPhone or your Android (Android 2.3 or higher).  Then set it up on your desktop/laptop computer by going to  If you have ANY issues downloading or installing the app, skip that and go to  you can login there from any internet-capable device and use the app the exact same way as if you were running it by downloading it.
  6. NP Pro app is FREE to everyone now!  on your smart phone go to  and put in your cell phone number, it will send you a link to download the app.
  7. Join our Nature’s Pearl Team Facebook Group,
  8. Add as friends on Facebook:  Joe Blanton, Dr. Bier, and other NP reps.
  9. While you’re on Facebook, go “like” the official company FB page,
  10. Go to and “follow” it, for the latest research updates:  enter your email under “Follow Blog via Email” on the right-side.
  11. Put our webcast & events on your calendar.


  1. Download the one-page comp. plan PDF from the front of your site.

Plan a trip to the NP headquarters.   Attend a monthly Corp. Tour if possible.  See the Corp. manufacturing facility, offices, and meet Corp. Mgmt.


  1. Write out your goals.  Spend significant time on them!  Use this form .
  2. Share your goals with your sponsor, upline, spouse, … anyone who will hold you accountable!  Email them.
  3. Post your goals all over your house, read them daily, and watch what happens.
  4. Block out on a calendar what times you’ll work your business.  Use Google Calendar ( for easiest sharing.
  5. Make sure you have 3way calling on your phone (and know how and why to use it!).  Go here (or print this PDF document).
  6. Put a “signature” at the bottom of all your emails!  This can be setup to be automatically inserted on every email you send.  If you’re not sure what to include, use mine at the bottom of this page as a template.  Never send an email to anyone (ANYONE!) without your cell# and website!
  7. Practice the inviting scripts (on the next page).  Get them down before you talk to anyone!
  8. Create your contact list.  Again, spend lots of time here!  Go here.
  9. Setup time to make calls with your sponsor (or someone in your upline)

These things aren’t mandatory, but some people think they are, so I’m including them here.

  1. Get Business Cards.
  2. In your off hours (spare time), order & read the “Muscadine Medicine” book:  login to your back office, then under the “Shopping” menu, click “New Order,” then click “Printed Material” on the left-hand panel (near the bottom), and then you’ll find “Muscadine Medicine, #BP-001, $4.95.  Or pay Amazon double or triple that.
  3. Watch the skincare and other product videos at


Now to the Inviting Training –>

I recommend you go thru the training topics in the order presented, but here are shortcuts to other training topics for quick jumps in the future: