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Structure or function claims:  Dietary supplements may not make any claims regarding the treatment of disease.  But the following descriptions are considered structure or function claims that are OK for dietary supplements:

  • The product’s mechanism of action (“Works as an antioxidant”)
  • The product’s effects on cellular structure (“helps membrane stability”)
  • The product’s effects on the body’s physiology (“promotes normal urinary flow”)
  • The product’s effects on chemical or lab test results (“supports normal blood glucose”)
  • Claims of maintenance (“helps maintain a healthy circulatory system”)
  • Other non-disease claims (“helps you relax”)
  • Claims for common conditions and symptoms related to life stages (“reduces irritability, bloating, and cramping associated with premenstrual syndrome”)

Structure or function claims are not reviewed by the FDA.  In fact, labels that carry them must also include the disclaimer “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease.

Structure or function claims are not reviewed by the FDA.  In fact, labels that carry them must also include the disclaimer “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease.

( )

Other phrases acceptable:

  1. “Natures Pearl enhances the body’s natural immune system and healthy cells.”
  2. “Natures Pearl supports sexual health.”
  3. “Natures Pearl helps maintain the body’s self-regulating glucose balance.”
  4. “Natures Pearl boosts the body’s immunity.”
  5. “Natures Pearl promotes overall good health.”


  1. “Natures Pearl healed me of cancer!”
  2. “I took Natures Pearl products and it treated my arthritis!”
  3. “I’m cured!  After just two weeks on Nature’s Pearl.  Don’t you want to be cured, too?”
  4. “If you take Nature’s Pearl, you’ll never get diabetes.”


Please em your testimonials to me at to see if they can be listed here and be in compliance.


Walking after 7 years in a wheel chair:

I was in a terrible car accident in 2006 that caused some of my discs to go out in my neck and lower back. I was rushed into an emergency surgery for a fractured slipped disc in my lower back. During the surgery they accidentally cut my sciatica nerve.

After that I was in constant chronic pain I had to use a medical scooter and a wheelchair to get anywhere for over 7 years. I was unable to even dress myself etc. Due to my limitations I have a service dog because I could not bend over she would pick stuff up for me as well as catch me when I would lose my balance . She is now in retirement and I am able to take care of her as she has gotten to take great care of me. What a blessing!

After being introduced to Nature’s Pearl muscadine grape seed by my dad and Joe Blanton I decided to try it. I was on 14 different medications including narcotics that cause more problems. I am now down to five medications and completely off all of the narcotics.

Do to my finances and having to be put on disability to survive, I could only afford to take 2 nature pearl capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening. I started noticing a difference after a few weeks. My doctor noticed as well and asked me what I was doing so he suggested I triple the dose.

Unfortunately I still could not afford that much. Over about a six to eight month period the difference became evident and I was using my scooter and walking aids a lot less. So I decided to get into business with my dad so I could afford to take more of the nature pearl capsules and the other amazing products.

It’s been over a year now and I have not had to go back to my scooter I have been taking nature pearl capsules and doing physical therapy. I now have no problems getting dressed and I can walk a mile or two a day, it’s a miracle.

I also have more energy and it definitely helps with migraines, and I just feel better and get more done!

I do still have some chronic pain but instead of constantly being an 8 to 10 or more on the pain scale all the time I am down to about three most of the time. When I overdo it and hurt more I take more capsules and immediately get noticeable relief.

I became a certified health coach and have studied the muscadine grape seed and all the other products out there.  There is no comparison to nature’s pearl’s purity, and its ability to heal so many issues. I truly believe in this product.

Wendy Andrews,  Olympia, WA   2-28-15


Elaine S, TX         I started taking Nature’s Pearl Muscadine capsules in February 2013.

Yes I had some increased energy and my low back pain from a teenage injury went from an eight to a two within weeks,

Thank God for leading the right people to the right place at the right time to help us all live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.

Elaine S, Houston, Texas

August 27, 2014

PS,  This is all aside from the fact that when I started the NP Pro shake in January of this year I shed 17 lbs the first month, BUT I took 3 INCHES from my waist and toned up everywhere!


Ruth Gingerich posted in Nature’s Pearl Team

Ruth Gingerich 11:56 am Mar 15

After having 4 Dr. visits with excruciating pain, and having cortisone and pain shots administered directly into my, what they called “Frozen Shoulder”, nothing helped. That was until, I started taking “Natures Pearl” tablets. In spite of my bone specialist telling me it could go as long as 2 years till I have full use of my hand and arm, after only 2-3 weeks I am pain free and have full use of my arm and hand again! Thumbs up for “Natures Pearl”! Thank you, Ruth for introducing me to this powerful natural healer that God designed for our use! – Mary Kauffman

______________________________________________ AKILYAH B.

Akilyah has been prescribed many psych meds for trauma since 2001.  The meds have caused multiple side effects; fluid on her heart & lungs, bladder spasticity, mood swings, violence, inability to focus, nightmares, etc….. 12 years on these meds have made it difficult for her to focus on life skills, projects and therapy sessions.  She started taking the capsules on August 16, 2013.  After 3 weeks she gained the ability to focus on writing in multiple journal assignments from her therapy sessions.  Now she has been able to utilize her journalism expertise which she used as an editor of Rutger’s University Student newspaper!


On August 3, 2013, Phyllis was driven to my home under protest.  Her friend, a psychiatric RN, insisted she come to my meeting because Phyllis was in so much pain, particularly on her back.  Phyllis showed us the huge scab,  1.5 inch round on her mid spine.  Annoyed that she was driven here when she wanted to go to bed, yet she willingly took two capsules.

 In less than 30 minutes she was free of pain.  She was so excited she hugged Jackie and me, and drove 35 minutes home.  About 1.5 hours later she returned with her 100 year old neighbor, whom she cares for, and bags of food from her garden; tomatoes, cukes, pears, zucchini, figs, thanking me again..  She is on autoship sponsored by Helen who brought her here under protest!

 Two weeks later Phyllis arrived again with more bags of several veggies and fruits from her garden.  This time she announced, “You have no idea how much you have helped me through the years I have attended your meetings.  You just don’t know how much you have helped me!”  Gave me a hug and drove back to Thorofare!


My daughter, Jackie C. from NC, was invited by her Texan friend to attend a meeting 3 hours away from her home.  She was not excited about going but she respected Joe’s knowledge, so she went.

 Once there she was so disappointed to find people who knew nothing about natural cures and had very little knowledge on alternative health such as those she met at herbal conventions like Young Living, Nature’s Sunshine, and Zero Point Global.  So she walked up to a man with a huge belly and asked him why he liked this product?  She was pleased and surprised by his reply.  He stated that his doctors told him he had prostate cancer   (“inflammation”), and since he went on the capsules he had no cancer!  He started with 18 capsules a day and was now down to 2 or 4 daily and intends never to stop!  Great idea!  So important not to stop!


Lily has diabetes and has reported a 30-50 point lowering of her blood glucose after starting the capsules.


Dollie has diabetes and reports a 30-50 point lowering of her blood glucose after starting the capsules.


William has diabetes and reports a 30-50 point decrease of blood glucose after starting the capsules.


Linda says her arthritic knee pain lessened to the point where she could go up and down the stairs pain free after taking the supplement for less than one week!


Joe tells how his sore joints & knees feel better because of the supplement.


Peggy tells how her sore joints feel better after taking the supplement.


Gerald has had prostate and urinary tract problems a long time.  Two years ago we were in the waiting room of Dr. Obuz when Gerald’s pant’s front became soaked in red blood.

 The tests Dr. Obuz had him take indicated he had a growth the size of a tangerine (inflammation) on his prostate.  In Nature’s Sunshine our training would have been to consider a sack of worms the size of a golf ball the cause of his inflammation.  Using NS parasite products would have expelled the ball (inflammation) whole.

 For some reason I did not think of that until just now when reconstructing Gerald’s problem.  He is now (9-10-13) in a nursing home since October 2012, and recently they took him to Mt Holly Virtua Hospital where they took him off Paxil for 6 days so they could perform surgery.

 Recently Dr. Goldlust scraped the inside of Gerald’s prostate and in a few days he was discharged from the hospital back to his room at Riverview Nursing Home.  Now 2 0r 3 weeks later (9-6-13) Dr. Goldlust reexamined him and announced that the prostate is still enlarged but not cancerous, and he will reexamine Gerald in 6 months (March 2014) for follow up treatment of (inflammation).

 No one has ever commented on a tangerine size growth on his prostate.  He has been taking Nature’s Pearl for several months.   He tests for 8 capsules daily, but since he can’t remember to take four twice daily, we wonder how many days he may have taken none or 4, but never 8 unless I was there to administer some.  We assume there is no tangerine size growth (inflammation) inside his prostate.  We assume Nature’s Pearl eliminated the tangerine-size inflammation on the prostate.


Bill has been battling throat cancer for several years.  The cancer caused pain in his left ear.  On August 21, 2013 Bill started taking the capsules, 4/day.  He called me on August 23, 2013 to let me know that the pain had subsided!  I was so happy to know that his suffering was lessened!  He continues to take his capsules.


Some people develop a few bumps on their back or torso when taking Nature’s Pearl capsules.  This happens when the intestines are backed up and the product starts cleansing the body.  Then toxins will come out through the skin.  This is what happened to Ed, Emilie, & Darlema.


David suffers from spine pain and diabetes.  He has had two spine surgeries as well as multiple tendon & knee surgeries.  He started taking the capsules on August 16, 2013.  On Friday September 27, he noticed that his spine was not hurting as much as before.  His pain level went from 8/10 to 2/10 on the pain scale!  Isn’t that great!


David is a diabetic on insulin and oral meds.  He has been taking the capsules for two months since August 16, 2013.  Last week he noticed that his morning blood glucose levels (120) were so low that he did not need to inject insulin.  He took the oral meds in the evenings.  One evening he experienced tunnel vision, sweats, lightheadedness, etc. when he took his oral meds and realized it was just too much.  When he took a lesser amount he did not get the bad reaction.  He is making a detailed record of his experiences and will follow up with his doctor.  It’s exciting news for him because this year his dose of insulin was up to 10 units a day, but as of last week (10-13-14) he is down to 4 units a day.  He is hopeful that he will finally be able to start losing the excess weight that came along with diabetic meds.  He also noticed that his high blood pressure is lower too!  His doctor took him off his blood pressure medication!

 Natures Pearl Family and Friends,

Great testimonies from Kelly Cecil’s parents.

Do you think they are happy someone cared enough to share about this amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory?  You bet they are.

I am a diabetic and my kidneys are only functioning at 20-25% and were declining. I started taking the Nature’s Pearl supplement in February of 2014. Since then my numbers have maintained and haven’t gotten any worse. I believe the Nature’s Pearl Supplement is keeping me off of dialysis. My A1C three-month readings have stayed under 7, around 6-3. When I first started going it was around 13 and it did start to drop after going on diabetic medication. Currently I am not on any diabetic medication and my readings are still staying under 7, just taking the Nature’s Pearl supplement. As an added bonus I have released 20 pounds since being on the supplement having changed nothing else in my diet or lifestyle. I believe I had inflammation and that is what the grape seed went to work on. After a few months my body started releasing the weight once the inflammation was under control. I had tried for years to lose but was unable to. (I am unable to do the shakes because I have to really watch my protein intake due to my weak kidneys.) I take three supplements a day.


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