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Alzheimer’s Testimonial,

Sunday, Feb 10, 2015,  Wayne attended our NP mixer in Somerville TN,   His wife, who had gotten great relief with the capsules decided to see how they might help Wayne.

Wayne with a 7 year history of Alzheimer’s was not able to smell anything, and on the ten question test they gave him each year had only gotten 4 answered correctly.  After 2 weeks on the capsules,  4 in the morning and 4 in the evening, Wayne walked by the garbage can and made a comment on how it smelled which shocked her, and she decided to have him take the test she had memorized over the 7 years of him taking it.  Wayne got all 10 questions correct !  Amazing.

Wayne was smiling and laughing and really enjoying himself through the whole mixer, We had 25 in attendance, and ALL the testimonials were just heart warming, But Wayne’s topped them all.  I might add that they had also just started him on a vegetarian type meal plan which would and did helped accelerate his results, and Wayne and his family now are enjoying a much better quality of life longer!


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