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Tax Benefits


The “BEST Tax Shelter in America Today is a Home Based Business”

And it does NOT have to be complicated. 

It only has to meet 3 criteria! 

When you meet these 3 simple criteria, you do not have to every make a “profit” and you can offset any “loses” against your future earnings for up to 20 YEARS.  ALL legal.  

Here are just some last minute thoughts for you.  I will be adding a Home Based Business Tax section and keeping it updated and referencing the irs codes authorities for each.

Learn HOW You can  

1.  Start a Home Business today and bring home an EXTRA $50 to $100 a week on you TAKE HOME PAYCHECK from YOUR JOB!

2.  HIRE your KIDS and pay them $5450 a Year and NOT PAY TAXES on it! 

3.  How to DEDUCT NON-Remembursed Medical Expenses!

And a LOT MORE!,   JUST give me a call for coaching on how to maximize your deductions by having your own Home based business and IF you start in December 2013, you can deduct all expenses in 2013 for your research and ALL, 



In today’s economy, everyone needs an additional stream of income, right? Then why aren’t they flocking to home-based businesses?

Because half of them are broke, and the other half are afraid to spend the little money they have saved, “in case they need it.”

BUT, what if they knew that Uncle Sam would pay for the costs of starting and running their home-based business – i.e., the individual would have ZERO out-of-pocket costs?


If you need new computers or other equipment, and IF your business will show a profit this year,
make sure you purchase it and put it into service before the end of the year.

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