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Sun Burn’s

Dana B, TX

I am sending a great testimonial about my 13 year old son!  He spent this past weekend at Lake Texoma with his best friend’s family, and came back badly sunburned, upper thighs and feet especially, very possibly 1st degree burns. It was quite difficult for us to see him so burned.

Anyway, As the day/evening wore on I remembered he’d had a bad allergic reaction to something after rolling around in the grass on a field trip back last Spring. At that time, I sprayed him down with NP’s soothing relief spray, and the results were astounding! In fact, he kept asking me to spray his legs over & over again because the relief was so soothing. Now mind you, my son is ALL boy and can’t stand anything greasy, lotiony and The relief spray is none of those, but rather the perfect remedy for a teenage boy!! Plus, the redness and itching cleared right up!

Ok, now back to the sunburn… I recalled the field trip incident and I used the Nature’s Pearl Soothing Relief spray for his situation. Joe, I was scared for him and didn’t want to cause him any more discomfort and was even considering taking him to the ER. I used the spray instead. His face, neck and ears were badly burned as well, and after applying the spray on the face there was a little burning he said, but not on any of the other areas of his body. The burning on the face was more of a tingling sensation, rather than a hurtful one, thankfully.

Today is the first day of school after summer vacation, and we weren’t sure if he’d make it today. I’m happy to report he did! Yeeeeaaah! He still looked pretty red in places, but the pain was much better, and I could tell major healing was underway thanks to the relief spray. Also, the tightness and heat radiating off of the burned skin was gone this morning as well!! Amaaazing! We’re so thankful for such an effective pain relieving product and appreciate the care and science behind it. We won’t ever be without!!

Dana B.   Frisco TX     Sept 4, 2014


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