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YGY/NP, Promote Healthy DIGESTION, symptoms of NOT…

October 28, 2017

I do hope all is well, The new Website is now open for the retail YGY site, check out mine, the search function is the quickest way to find the products :-), and let me know your thoughts,  How’s your digestion?

The symptoms of poor digestion are many as shown below on the Healthy Digestion Pack icon.  Poor Digestion is the leading cause of most all symptoms in other areas also.  We can be consuming all the best foods and supplements available, yet, if we do not have enough stomach acid many minerals will not be broken down to a point of being assimilated by our body.  Or if we do not have the correct balance of good bacteria in our gut the body can not assimilate the nutrition it needs, and we end up with more symptoms which the medical community will put a label on, and then want us to take a mild toxic chemical designed to cover up, relieve the symptom, and the process that caused the symptom goes on until it becomes more severe and on the cycle goes.

IF you, or anyone you know has any of the symptoms listed below, Let’s find out what it will take to get your/their digestion back on track so the body can come back into balance and heal itself.  The body is the only miracle and can only heal itself by receiving, and assimilating  NUTRITION!  AND,no one else can do it for you/them. Let me know how I can be of service, Let’t talk soon, Joe

Here’s to your Success!
Always take care of You first, and have fun doing it!

Joe Blanton,

Touching Hearts & Changing Lives
Wisdom, Wellness, Wealth Coach

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking with which we created them”      Albert Einstein

My Life is a Reflection of My Mind,
If I can Change My Mind, I can Change Anything
                                                                                                    Joe Blanton 2006

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