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Product Proof Page
Third-Party Proof That NP Products Are Unique

More than 20 years ago, I learned from legendary network marketer Russ Karlen that in order for a company to run for decades, it’s got to have a product with these 4 requirements:

  1. Unique
  2. Visual
  3. Emotional
  4. Consumable

Nature’s Pearl meets each one of those requirements with flying colors:

  1. Nature’s Pearl products are VERY unique: there’s only one supplement on the planet that has had clinical studies done on IT, not on its ingredients, and gotten significant enough results that news organizations ran stories about it.
  2. The results in clinical studies are visual to anyone who takes a few minutes to look them over.  We have thousands of testimonials from consumers who have had dramatic results.
  3. If people touch/feel/smell/taste the products, they’ll get emotional about them, especially if they use them for a short time and get personal satisfaction from that.
  4. Our flagship product, the muscadine grape seed extract supplement, is super consumable at $30 for a month’s supply, which in the network marketing world is VERY inexpensive, because the owner wanted it to be affordable for people worldwide.  Also, our attrition will be much lower because our product works and has proof that it works.  And because it’s affordable, people will STAY on their autoship!

Besides the 2 clinical studies on the Nature’s Pearl supplement (posted at, below are 6 documents that provide even more proof that Nature’s Pearl products are unique.  (Only the the “NCDA Certificate of Inspection” below is available on our rep sites – all the other dox are not posted anywhere, so you’ve got some serious inside info with them.)

  1. NP SupplementWake Forest Clinical Study Agreement 2006, Aug. 14 (JPG) – President of Wake Forest University’s Medical School acknowledging the agreement with NP to conduct the clinical study, which began almost 18 months later.  Combine this with the Oct. 26, 2007, story in – “Could Muscadine Grape Seeds Offer Cardiovascular Benefits?” – and the two clinical studies on the NP product you’ll find at, along with all the positive media stories that followed (also on the MHR site), and that’s more evidence of a revolutionary product than you could ever expect!
  2. NP Supplement RetailKerr Drug 2007, June 8 (JPG) – Evidence from two retailers of how well the Nature’s Pearl supplement did on the retail shelves of many large chain stores (GNC, Walgreens, Eckerd, Select Nutrition, and Kerr Drug), prior to the clinical studies being completed.  Because of DSHEA Act regulations, the product had to be separated from any literature describing the clinical studies – that’s when the owner of Nature’s Pearl decided to switch to direct sales, removing the product from retail stores.
  3. NP Supplement RetailSelect Nutrition 2007, July 12 (JPG) – Same situation as described in #2 above.
  4. NP SupplementBrunswick Lab ORAC Report 2011, Oct. 17 (JPG) – Proof that Brunswick Lab does routine ORAC testing of NP raw material (muscadine grape seeds).
  5. NP Juice RetailTop Sales Ranking In 105 Lowes Stores 2012, Nov. 4 (PDF) – This document shows the NP Juice has done extremely well in retail test marketing (best selling juice in a chain of 105 stores).  Since the cost to ship the heavy juice is so high, NP Corp. figured out that it would be less expensive for distributors to buy it off a retail shelf than to pay for shipping directly from the company.
  6. NCDA Certificate of Inspection of the NP Manufacturing Facility 2011, May 20 (PDF) – Conducted by North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture, this is a random inspection (unannounced, can’t prepare for it) in accordance with 21 CFR 111 (federal regulations; exact FDA regs here) for compliance with pharmaceutical grade manufacturing standards (for drugs), which are optional for nutraceuticals (nutrition products); IOW (in other words), NP doesn’t have to go through this inspection, but they choose to.
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