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NP Training – Objection Handling


NP Training System
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Objection Handling Training
Step 4 of the Inviting Process

Objection Handling

Part of the inviting process is handling the objections that follow an invite.  Objections generally come from 3 concerns:  fear, time limitations, or ignorance.  The objections are usually valid and justified – everyone has some objection to ANY new venture – but your ability to overcome those objections has a direct connection to how much money you make.

The objections are given in “red quotes,” and then the potential replies follow.


  • “How many people have you signed up?” or “How much money are you making?” or some variation of a question that implies “If you haven’t enrolled 50 people already, then maybe I shouldn’t join you!” When you’re asked that, it’s perfectly fine to say, “Hardly any – I’m just getting started!” but you have to respond QUICKLY and confidently, or it’ll sound like you’re worried about your answer and/or not being honest. The faster you answer, and the more confidently you answer, the faster you’ll calm a new prospect’s fears and inspire confidence in them that you know what you’re doing. You may have enrolled 6 or 12 months ago, but for whatever reason you’re just now engaging in working the business aggressively. Tell the prospect exactly that! It’s ok to say “I’m not making anything yet!” or “I’m breaking even” or whatever, but the more you practice your answer, and the faster you respond, the more thoroughly you’ll terminate your prospect’s concern!

A sideline friend of mine in my previous company said to 7 of his closest friends, “Here’s my first check:  it’s one hundred and thirty-seven dollars!  Doesn’t matter!  Who’s working this with me?!?!:)   He went on to make millions with that company!


  • “I just can’t afford to spend the $549 on that package right now.” This isn’t about spending money, it’s about making money, and if you can’t afford the $549, that’s all the more reason why you should do this!  If the $549 causes a financial hardship, then there’s a $269 package, but you miss out on hundreds of dollars of free product and much bigger potential income with that lesser pkg.
  • “I don’t want to spend $120/month on new product.” I had a friend who wanted to join us but he objected to the $120 per month SV requirement.  Obviously things were tight for him, so spending another $120 a month would be a burden – that was his focus.  In response, I said to him, “Would you spend $120 a month to make $1000 a month?”  He had no problem doing the math on that.  I explained that this is a money-MAKING business, not a money-spending hobby.  If you work, you should make a lot more than $120/month.  But then I said, “What if you get 5 customers who do the $120 a month every month for you?”  And then I mentioned that he would also want to order it for his wife and his own use, so that he was using what he was selling …
  • “I don’t like the $15/month fee.” That’s $180/year; now be honest with me:  how many of us have spent much more than $180 on another MLM business that went nowhere?  It’s a business decision: are you going to make more than $180/year building your nature’s pearl business?  If I’m focused on making $5K or $10K or more a month, it’s hard for me to be bothered by $15/month or $120/month or whatever small costs of business we have to pay.


  • “I don’t have time.” Then you’re the kind of person we’re looking for.  Busy people don’t have time, they make time.  Would you like to have more time?  Because that’s EXACTLY why I’m working this business!
  • “My wife will kill me if I spend any more time working (or if I try another side business).” I know how you feel – I had a spouse who felt the same way.  But when a big check came in, her whole attitude changed. :)   And then it wasn’t long before she started talking with others about how SHE started the business!


  • “Is the product patented?” No, because patenting it requires revealing all the manufacturing secrets, which then makes it very simple for someone in China to copy it and steal the process.  You know what’s better than a patent?  A peer-reviewed clinical study that’s published in a major medical journal!  Do you know how long that process takes, from funding a study to getting it published?  At least 3 years.  By then, Nature’s Pearl will be a household word!
  • “Is this FDA approved?” No, supplements aren’t approved by the FDA, only drugs are.  The FDA’s site says, “The manufacturer of a dietary supplement or dietary ingredient is responsible for ensuring that the product is safe before it is marketed.“  Supplements are regulated and yanked from the market if they cause a problem, but guess how many people die annually from taking supplements?  None, according to the Poison Control Center.  And the FDA regulates the things companies can say about their products.
  • “What if the FDA shuts down NP?” Highly unlikely.  Most well-funded nutrition companies have high-priced, well-connected attorneys who advise them on what they can and cannot say/do, so a company getting closed by the FDA rarely happens.
  • “Does the company have insurance coverage for its distributors?” Yes, the company covers all product liability issues.  And again, over the 40-year history of supplements being sold via direct sales, there’s almost no chance of a lawsuit hitting a distributor.
  • “I want to try the product before signing up.” I’d love to have the assurance that the product works and not risk anything, but the reality is that we have mountains of clinical data, along with thousands of testimonials from previous users, showing the product works, and works well.  So your own assessment isn’t going to change that.  Getting our product package as part of your enrollment is how we have people try the product.  After that, if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back.  But if everyone you bring in takes a week or a month to use the product before they join, your business will grow very slowly.


  • “Is this one of those pyramid things?” What do you mean by pyramid?  [Then just listen and see if they even know what they’re asking.]  A pyramid by the govt. definition is an illegal marketing scheme.  Nature’s Pearl is completely legal, and in fact, is in the process of becoming a member of the Direct Selling Association (should be a pending member from mid-2013 to mid-2014, since the DSA has a one-year approval process), which has strict guidelines for member companies to follow in order to protect its reputation.  Besides that, we have way too much important work to do to in helping people get our product to risk it all with illegal marketing actions.
  • “I tried MLM before, and it didn’t work.” Yes, that’s happened to all of us.  I tried several things that didn’t work before.  I think this is dramatically different.  If you don’t try again, then I guess that means you’ve decided you’re never going to make serious money, and you’re going to make enough from your job?  If so, that’s ok, I’m just making sure I understand what you’re saying.
  • “If this was a legitimate business, why wouldn’t they sell the product in stores?” The company used to do that – it sat on the shelves of GNC, Walgreens, and several other health and drug stores.  But having our product sitting on the shelves of huge retailers, alongside inferior products, made our product look bad and also didn’t give us a way to help consumers differentiate between our product and all the others.  Further, federal regulations about how literature can be used in a retail environment made it nearly impossible to tell the truth about the clinical study results that the Nature’s Pearl product had.  So direct sales not only made sense because of the effectiveness of word-of-mouth, it became necessary.
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