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Walking after 7 years in a wheel chair:

I was in a terrible car accident in 2006 that caused some of my discs to go out in my neck and lower back. I was rushed into an emergency surgery for a fractured slipped disc in my lower back. During the surgery they accidentally cut my sciatica nerve.

After that I was in constant chronic pain I had to use a medical scooter and a wheelchair to get anywhere for over 7 years. I was unable to even dress myself etc. Due to my limitations I have a service dog because I could not bend over she would pick stuff up for me as well as catch me when I would lose my balance . She is now in retirement and I am able to take care of her as she has gotten to take great care of me. What a blessing!

After being introduced to Nature’s Pearl muscadine grape seed by my dad and Joe Blanton I decided to try it. I was on 14 different medications including narcotics that cause more problems. I am now down to five medications and completely off all of the narcotics.

Do to my finances and having to be put on disability to survive, I could only afford to take 2 nature pearl capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening. I started noticing a difference after a few weeks. My doctor noticed as well and asked me what I was doing so he suggested I triple the dose.

Unfortunately I still could not afford that much. Over about a six to eight month period the difference became evident and I was using my scooter and walking aids a lot less. So I decided to get into business with my dad so I could afford to take more of the nature pearl capsules and the other amazing products.

It’s been over a year now and I have not had to go back to my scooter I have been taking nature pearl capsules and doing physical therapy. I now have no problems getting dressed and I can walk a mile or two a day, it’s a miracle.

I also have more energy and it definitely helps with migraines, and I just feel better and get more done!

I do still have some chronic pain but instead of constantly being an 8 to 10 or more on the pain scale all the time I am down to about three most of the time. When I overdo it and hurt more I take more capsules and immediately get noticeable relief.

I became a certified health coach and have studied the muscadine grape seed and all the other products out there.  There is no comparison to nature’s pearl’s purity, and its ability to heal so many issues. I truly believe in this product.

Wendy Andrews,  Olympia, WA   2-28-15

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