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Team Freedom Call, Let’s catch up, Q&A-Strategy call 29th

December 27, 2016

Let’s catch the VISION and set some Strategies in motion to be “Lean and Clean in 2017”   Please call in at 8 pm CST and participate in what I am calling the Perfect Health Storm!  Call in on 949-229-4100 pin 9644#

2. Here is a list of all the YGY training calls that support us to grow our business as big as we desire, CLICK HERE 

3. Here is a great 3 fold educational flyer with Dr Wallach’s call in numbers for his 2 times a day Radio talk show where you can ASK questions! CLICK HERE

4. YGYi Corporate update for 2017 call with CEO!  Get the latest updates and plans for 2017 and how you can be “Lean and Clean in 2017” ygy-new-years-eve-call1     We’ll discuss some of what has been leaked out to me on the Thurs call!

5.  I have 10 F-R~e~e tickets for the January 13th CEO training and more events, in ANY of the Cities! Dallas, Charlotte, or Ontario!  Just give me a call to make it happen!  Could be the best call you make this year!, Bus Opp meeting the night before tooooo jan13-retreat

6.  Here is a GREAT set of bottles for mixing the powers and shakes with also and available at Walmart for $4 and $9.  The bottle cap threads are on the inside to which makes it better for drinking out of 🙂bottles

7.  Here is a GREAT gift Idea, even for yourself,  I’m enjoying mine as you can tell I am enjoying mine 🙂ygy-ionizer

and as always, I’m only a phone call away, and I’m taking YGYi to the TOP and I’ll be “Lean and Clean in 2017” and beyond,, Call me if you want to Join with Me,,  let’s talk soon, Joe

Joe Blanton,

Touching Hearts & Changing Lives
Wisdom, Wellness, Wealth Coach

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking with which we created them”      Albert Einstein

My Life is a Reflection of My Mind,
If I can Change My Mind, I can Change Anything
                                                                                                    Joe Blanton 2006

This is WHY I do YGY_NP and 10 F`R~e~e tickets 4 U

December 11, 2016

RUC gmail logo.desk of com   I love to get these calls, stories and testimonials of how thefew that do learn about the way Nutrition can heal their bodies and put it to work! The 90 for life paks along with the necessary add on’s based on their symptoms and taking the products based on their body weight is the KEY to ANYONE healing themselves in a matter of months! Learning about the real cause also makes it easier to give up and get away for the bad stuff too. The SAD,(standard American diet),  (updates below) Enjoy,, Joe

Cari Sroka reviewed Youngevity
I Don’t go a day without Youngevity!
Thanks to Youngevity, I’m off all my crohns and arthritis meds and healthier than I’ve been in over 15 years.
My entire family is much healthier! This was the 1st winter my kids were not sick since they have been born. My husband who was told by a Dr 8 years ago that he needed a knee replacement, no longer hobbles around.
Thanks to Youngevity, he no longer needs a knee replacement!

YES! This keeps my emotional bank account full, and fires me up to want to touch more hearts and change lives in a positive direction which keeps my financial bank account full for sure!  The BEST WIN WIN WIN in the industry/world.

  1.  I also now have 10 tickets for the upcoming January 13th “””LEAD THE CHANGE””” Regional’s in DALLAS, CHARLOTTE, and ONTARIO!  (for details: ygy-ltc-regionals_flyer_1116-4review).
  2. Philippines now in “soft Launch” and will be announced on Dec 31 on special 2017 YGYi corp update call.  We have the office in the best location downtown, and 16 products approved!! !  ! !
  3. I added the “Cerial Killer” audio/video to my youtube channel, so go to and listen to it, and watch the “Someone Should GO TO JAIL” video that will open anyone’s eyes that are not welded shut with belief in the medical doctors opinions.
  4. Stay tuned for more as we begin the journey of a lifetime! —

Take Care, Have Fun, Be Healthy,

Joe Blanton,
Touching Hearts & Changing Lives
Wisdom, Wellness, Wealth Coach

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking with which we created them”      Albert Einstein


My Life is a Reflection of My Mind,
If I can Change My Mind, I can Change Anything
  Joe S Blanton

14 week NP/YGY tour winding down

October 29, 2016

RUC gmail logo.desk of com

I do hope this finds you doing well, I just arrived back to the farm in Indiana, unloaded and catching up from an amazing 14 week tour and a little over 9000 miles on the Benz! It has been GREAT! and so great to see and work with everyone along the way! :-),

I get more excited about how the 90 for LIFE is enhanced so much by the Muscadine capsules and all! The two can be called “THE PERFECT WELLNESS STORM FORMULA” and the results are WONDER FILLED for sure. Imagine BEING an EX-DIABETIC in 30 days! 🙂 got to smile about that!  Just use the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak and get your digestion in order and get off the “bad” foods and your on your way!


We have SSSooooo much to work with now! I’m still only a phone call away, and will be doing work on the farm to get it ready to sell, and then I will be moving back out west! Just give me a call an let me help you understand the full impact of what is going on as we “BE the CHANGE” in our life, our families life etc. YGY is like the Costco of MLM and re-defining how the network marketing industry! You can play a BIG part if you choose. I’m here to help!

Many of our partners are also excited about some amazing results with some of the YGY essential oils, Healthy Pet products, the amazing Coffee, and Healthy Chocolate with probiotics in it, the CartRIPPLE YGY app, the Mineral MakeUP is going over well, and so much more!

FAST BIG commissions with David Allen Capital, (DAC) program lending to small businesses! (all you do is refer them to your existing DAC website and DAC does ALL the rest) call me for more info!

Stay tuned, there’s so much More to come!

Remember to go to the Team Freedom site and sign in for the Blog updates too, and on the right side put in your email address!

Let’s talk soon, Joe

YGY business Center-login-sign up new customers trainings

October 12, 2016

I do hope all is well and as rocky as the road has been for a few in the YGY acquisition of NP, things are looking GREAT!


  1.  The Mesa AZ area team attended Pharmacist Ben Fuchs YGY dist training last night in Apache Junction and it was Sooo very educational and enlightening and the testimonials were amazing too. We had 3 guest and all were blown away with the info & the system to success in health and the simplicity of building their YGY business with the tools!
  2. Here is the best way to get into your business center, use this link to go direct: and then put in your 9 digit YGY id #. and your password is your first name in small letters and your NP id# (george12345) then agree to the terms, and your in. check your profile and autoship etc. and you can make new orders and see everything here.  If you are a business builder you can monitor your organization and commissions here too.
  3. I spent 3 hours with Dr Wallach in St George UT with the team there and it was amazingly enlightening!  He has really gotten to the foundation of health/wellness and what our bodies need to heal itself, no matter what the symptoms are!  I’m ON board 100% and committed to getting 90 for LIFE out to new people everyday!  If you want to join me in this mission, please let me know!
  4. Signing up new customers and distributors:  You can get their information, and log into  your business center and enroll either one.  The link for new customers in on the upper right on your customers page.  Or , you can send them to your YGY retail site, and they can click join and choose customer, scroll down and fill out the Preferred Customer profile, and it will give them their 9 digit YGY id# and show their password and website extension.  Then simplest way is to go to the business center link above and log in there to place their order and set up their autoship too.  The first order requires paying shipping because it is not an autoship order, the second order is an autoship order and has free shipping.
  5. Go to for the great brochures and CD’s etc.  Using the TOOLS and following the system of exposure, invite, 3way and get their questions answered works well for everyone that works it.
  6. I have the Dead Doctors Don’l Lie audio up on my site for anyone listen too, and there are 100’s of Dr Joel Wallach videos there to help us get the truth of wellness out to our prospects, ( of course there are other distributor links there too, so best to be sure to follow up and keep them coming back to you to sign up)
  7. SYMPTOMS:  IF anyone you are talking to want to know what YGY products work best, they can go to google, type in search for :  youngevity-arthritis  or youngevity-digestion etc and it will bring up which products work the best for their symptoms.
  8. The real key is,,, assimilation,  YGY, like NP have a very high assimilation into our bodies, as well as being the 90 Essential basic’s and that is why they work so well.  there are a lot of other products in the market place claiming to work, BUT, do they?  Most do not, and IF you or someone takes a product for 30 days and feel no result of symptomatic relief, I would say they are not working enough to continue taking them.

We have the opportunity now to re-contact everyone we talked with about NP or anything else to expose them to 90 for LIFE and give them the option to take advantage of this proven product line to help their body heal itself, I’m doing it, and if you need any help, get with me and let’s lock arms and build a community of healthy people to surround ourselves with 🙂

Here to help you help you change your future to one you desire!

Let’s talk soon, Joe

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie audio on my YouTube channel

October 6, 2016

I do hope all is well, I just uploaded the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie audio (about 33 minutes) up on my YouTube channel, or you can go straight to the audio or send anyone to it using this link, .

The CD is in 25 segments, and below in what I have marked as favorites is several of the short 3 and 4 minute segments separately listed.

I will be in St George UT this Saturday with Dr Wallach if you know anyone in the area, and then on to Mesa AZ, and Gilbert area for The Dr Corey Gold training on the 13th.  I will be attending at least one of Pharmacist Benjamin Fuchs R.Ph. distributor training’s and getting to know the leaders in the area so we can JUST PLUG IN, instead of pioneering and creating the momentum :-),   The Opportunity here is endless, limitless, all we have to do is Keep the Work, in NetWORK marketing 🙂 and know the industry, even with all its frustrations, Works!



Dr Wallach in St George UT Oct 8th, I’ll be there

October 3, 2016

I will be spending about 2 hours in a Dr Wallach 90 for Life presentation as well as Q & A on Oct 8th at the Coral Canyon Holiday Inn Express, and meeting the local leaders I talked with on the phone today. Then I will be doing a NP presentation to them on the power of the Muscadine!

SOoooo, IF you have anyone in the area within 90 miles, let’s get them there! I have some guest coming, and excited to build bigger there, Just THINK, we can plug in to what is already in motion instead of pioneering and trying to create it 🙂 I love it, and all we have to do is like I did today at Office Depot, the Printing Supervisor had great people skills, and was made the statement he was doing good because he was about to get off work when I has how he was doing! Then I said ” you have great people skills, have you ever thought about working for yourself?” He said he had but not ready yet. ” I ask if he had any passion for wellness and helping people heal their bodies with out doctors and drugs, and he said yes, his major in college is Psychology and want to help people mentally etc. I said, “that requires a healthy body too doesn’t it” and we went from there! I got his agreement to listen to a CD, and got him the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD and a 90 for life brochure and will check with him later this week if I don’t hear from him earlier. It’s all about SEMOR PEOPLE, SPEAK UP, BE INTERESTED IN THEM AND THEIR FUTURE! There is no wrong way to do that :-),
Enjoy and Prosper!

YGY-NP Fnding the Tools, FB, Your Back office, Events and more

October 1, 2016

I do hope all is well, We are having a GREAT month for Change in NP/YGY!

It is the change I have been waiting for, and I am loving it. Everyone working YGY/NP is having wonderful success!

I want to congratulate our New EMD pin levels, Jodi Robinson, Joel Andrews, JoAnn Dandridge, Debbie Westbrook, Nancy Carson, Healthy Eagle and Jackie Cole for work well done!

With Change comes new TOOLS for tracking, organizing and staying up to date on all announcements, special pricing, promotions, double QV and upcoming events etc.

Having said that, Here is a list of the tools, and I am rolling up my sleeves and going to work in a big way to take our new gift to the top in a hurry. I WILL NOT be sending out many emails from here on,

I WILL be setting up a “blog” inside of our TeamFreedom website, and starting to re-build the site centered around the YGY changes. Please go to the TF website and register to follow the updates and the blog so you can be notified of the new post and updates as I add them.

Below is a list of some of the tools and the links to reach them, I am ALWAYS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY, and will be on the phone a lot, so I do not answer I will see you called and call you back as always! The more you call the more success we will both enjoy! This business is much harder when you “try” to do it all yourself. There are several YGY meetings going on in the next couple of weeks in TX and AZ as well as back east!

Here are the TOOLS to Work your YGY business, Organized, Aware, Prepared!

Pearl Rockers FB Lots of inspirational posting as well as the double QV and events, video training’s etc. There is one of Dr Gold from last week that is amazing, (Dr Gold will be doing a training in Gilbert AZ on Oct 13th which I will be attending.

Go Big Go Beyond FB

Events: local & Dr Wallach training’s etc,

Mentor U 4 Success Team Freedom website

Your Youngevity Retail site

example, mine is   Just add NP in front of your personalizing word.

Your YGY back office login url is;

your user name is NP—– (your personalizing word) and your password is your first name in small letters and your NP id# with no space ie:

mine is NPselfcare    password like this,   joe234845

Contact me with any question ,  Joe