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Team Freedom Call, Let’s catch up, Q&A-Strategy call 29th

December 27, 2016

Let’s catch the VISION and set some Strategies in motion to be “Lean and Clean in 2017”   Please call in at 8 pm CST and participate in what I am calling the Perfect Health Storm!  Call in on 949-229-4100 pin 9644#

2. Here is a list of all the YGY training calls that support us to grow our business as big as we desire, CLICK HERE 

3. Here is a great 3 fold educational flyer with Dr Wallach’s call in numbers for his 2 times a day Radio talk show where you can ASK questions! CLICK HERE

4. YGYi Corporate update for 2017 call with CEO!  Get the latest updates and plans for 2017 and how you can be “Lean and Clean in 2017” ygy-new-years-eve-call1     We’ll discuss some of what has been leaked out to me on the Thurs call!

5.  I have 10 F-R~e~e tickets for the January 13th CEO training and more events, in ANY of the Cities! Dallas, Charlotte, or Ontario!  Just give me a call to make it happen!  Could be the best call you make this year!, Bus Opp meeting the night before tooooo jan13-retreat

6.  Here is a GREAT set of bottles for mixing the powers and shakes with also and available at Walmart for $4 and $9.  The bottle cap threads are on the inside to which makes it better for drinking out of 🙂bottles

7.  Here is a GREAT gift Idea, even for yourself,  I’m enjoying mine as you can tell I am enjoying mine 🙂ygy-ionizer

and as always, I’m only a phone call away, and I’m taking YGYi to the TOP and I’ll be “Lean and Clean in 2017” and beyond,, Call me if you want to Join with Me,,  let’s talk soon, Joe

Joe Blanton,

Touching Hearts & Changing Lives
Wisdom, Wellness, Wealth Coach

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking with which we created them”      Albert Einstein

My Life is a Reflection of My Mind,
If I can Change My Mind, I can Change Anything
                                                                                                    Joe Blanton 2006

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