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14 week NP/YGY tour winding down

October 29, 2016

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I do hope this finds you doing well, I just arrived back to the farm in Indiana, unloaded and catching up from an amazing 14 week tour and a little over 9000 miles on the Benz! It has been GREAT! and so great to see and work with everyone along the way! :-),

I get more excited about how the 90 for LIFE is enhanced so much by the Muscadine capsules and all! The two can be called “THE PERFECT WELLNESS STORM FORMULA” and the results are WONDER FILLED for sure. Imagine BEING an EX-DIABETIC in 30 days! 🙂 got to smile about that!  Just use the Healthy Body Blood Sugar Pak and get your digestion in order and get off the “bad” foods and your on your way!


We have SSSooooo much to work with now! I’m still only a phone call away, and will be doing work on the farm to get it ready to sell, and then I will be moving back out west! Just give me a call an let me help you understand the full impact of what is going on as we “BE the CHANGE” in our life, our families life etc. YGY is like the Costco of MLM and re-defining how the network marketing industry! You can play a BIG part if you choose. I’m here to help!

Many of our partners are also excited about some amazing results with some of the YGY essential oils, Healthy Pet products, the amazing Coffee, and Healthy Chocolate with probiotics in it, the CartRIPPLE YGY app, the Mineral MakeUP is going over well, and so much more!

FAST BIG commissions with David Allen Capital, (DAC) program lending to small businesses! (all you do is refer them to your existing DAC website and DAC does ALL the rest) call me for more info!

Stay tuned, there’s so much More to come!

Remember to go to the Team Freedom site and sign in for the Blog updates too, and on the right side put in your email address!

Let’s talk soon, Joe

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