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Dr Wallach in St George UT Oct 8th, I’ll be there

October 3, 2016

I will be spending about 2 hours in a Dr Wallach 90 for Life presentation as well as Q & A on Oct 8th at the Coral Canyon Holiday Inn Express, and meeting the local leaders I talked with on the phone today. Then I will be doing a NP presentation to them on the power of the Muscadine!

SOoooo, IF you have anyone in the area within 90 miles, let’s get them there! I have some guest coming, and excited to build bigger there, Just THINK, we can plug in to what is already in motion instead of pioneering and trying to create it 🙂 I love it, and all we have to do is like I did today at Office Depot, the Printing Supervisor had great people skills, and was made the statement he was doing good because he was about to get off work when I has how he was doing! Then I said ” you have great people skills, have you ever thought about working for yourself?” He said he had but not ready yet. ” I ask if he had any passion for wellness and helping people heal their bodies with out doctors and drugs, and he said yes, his major in college is Psychology and want to help people mentally etc. I said, “that requires a healthy body too doesn’t it” and we went from there! I got his agreement to listen to a CD, and got him the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD and a 90 for life brochure and will check with him later this week if I don’t hear from him earlier. It’s all about SEMOR PEOPLE, SPEAK UP, BE INTERESTED IN THEM AND THEIR FUTURE! There is no wrong way to do that :-),
Enjoy and Prosper!

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