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YGY-NP Fnding the Tools, FB, Your Back office, Events and more

October 1, 2016

I do hope all is well, We are having a GREAT month for Change in NP/YGY!

It is the change I have been waiting for, and I am loving it. Everyone working YGY/NP is having wonderful success!

I want to congratulate our New EMD pin levels, Jodi Robinson, Joel Andrews, JoAnn Dandridge, Debbie Westbrook, Nancy Carson, Healthy Eagle and Jackie Cole for work well done!

With Change comes new TOOLS for tracking, organizing and staying up to date on all announcements, special pricing, promotions, double QV and upcoming events etc.

Having said that, Here is a list of the tools, and I am rolling up my sleeves and going to work in a big way to take our new gift to the top in a hurry. I WILL NOT be sending out many emails from here on,

I WILL be setting up a “blog” inside of our TeamFreedom website, and starting to re-build the site centered around the YGY changes. Please go to the TF website and register to follow the updates and the blog so you can be notified of the new post and updates as I add them.

Below is a list of some of the tools and the links to reach them, I am ALWAYS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY, and will be on the phone a lot, so I do not answer I will see you called and call you back as always! The more you call the more success we will both enjoy! This business is much harder when you “try” to do it all yourself. There are several YGY meetings going on in the next couple of weeks in TX and AZ as well as back east!

Here are the TOOLS to Work your YGY business, Organized, Aware, Prepared!

Pearl Rockers FB Lots of inspirational posting as well as the double QV and events, video training’s etc. There is one of Dr Gold from last week that is amazing, (Dr Gold will be doing a training in Gilbert AZ on Oct 13th which I will be attending.

Go Big Go Beyond FB

Events: local & Dr Wallach training’s etc,

Mentor U 4 Success Team Freedom website

Your Youngevity Retail site

example, mine is   Just add NP in front of your personalizing word.

Your YGY back office login url is;

your user name is NP—– (your personalizing word) and your password is your first name in small letters and your NP id# with no space ie:

mine is NPselfcare    password like this,   joe234845

Contact me with any question ,  Joe

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